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When it comes to building a comprehensive estate plan, it’s necessary to begin with a robust will. This is where the Winterberg Law Firm comes into play. We offer full-service estate planning services, from drafting wills to establishing powers of attorney. Plan for your family’s future, today!

Our Estate Planning Services: A Tailored Approach

At the Winterberg Law Firm, P.C., we go above and beyond for our clients. This is why we offer estate planning services, in addition to our immigration assistance. Below, you will find information regarding what we offer. With our help, your family’s future will be well taken care of. 


Trusts are tools that answer particular estate-related issues such as providing for a minor, avoiding excessive taxation, or maintaining your family’s affairs out of public record.

Powers of Attorney

This document, in layman’s terms, assigns others with the right to make your decisions. This may come into play if you suffer a debilitating injury or if your mental faculties cease to work as effectively. Similarly, a Financial Power of Attorney can come into play to grant a trusted individual with the right to make financial choices if you ever become incapacitated. Similarly, a Medical Power of Attorney gives a trusted individual the right to make medical decisions while you’re incapacitated. 

Advance Directives

Also known as a “living will,” an advanced directive provides your physician with information regarding treatments if you are dying or permanently unconscious. 

Addressing Your Estate Planning Needs

A truly effective estate plan addresses your needs as well as the needs of your loved ones. It needs to make provisions for the future should you ever become incapacitated.

Financial powers of attorney

A financial power of attorney will appoint someone you select to make financial decisions for you if you are temporarily or permanently incapacitated.

Advance directives to physicians

Advance directives allow you to communicate your wishes regarding end-of-life care and other issues to your doctor.

Designation of guardian

A designation of guardian allows you to appoint someone to act as the guardian of your minor children.

Disposition of remains

This allows you to ensure your remains are treated according to your wishes.

Contact the Winterberg Law Firm, Today

If you’re in need of estate planning services in El Paso, then you’ve come to the right place. The Winterberg Law Firm has an excellent track record in many cases relating to family and immigration law. Plan for your family’s future accordingly and contact us, today!

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Victoria Winterberg

Ms. Winterberg’s law school experience began after joining the Law School Preparation Institute while being a student at the University of Texas at El Paso. She then attended law school at Washburn Univesity School of Law before formally beginning her career. 

Leveraging a unique cultural background and approach to law, Ms. Winterberg uses her expertise in immigration law to bring people together. She has extensive work in all areas of immigration law and has helped countless people win cases and thrive. Immigration-related cases often involve the most vulnerable in the community, and our firm is driven by our ability to protect our clients and their families with each and every case.