The Pros and Cons of Green Cards and Work Visas in El Paso

A green card over U.S. dollar bills in El Paso.

While green cards and work visas are one of the best ways to get into the United States, they aren’t always a good, permanent fix. Both green cards and work visas have stipulations involved that you as the holder must comply with. If you’re having issues with your green card or work immigration visas, it’s important to contact an El Paso immigration lawyer for help sorting things out.

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Pros of Green Cards 

A green card is a legal document that allows people outside of the United States to live and work in the country permanently. However, with a green card, they’re doing so as a legal immigrant, rather than a citizen. 

Can Make It Easy to Enter the US 

Green cards are one of the best and easiest ways to enter the United States legally. Additionally, your green card doesn’t expire and you can come and go from the country as you please. 

Can Lead to Becoming a US Citizen

While a green card doesn’t automatically make you a US citizen, it can eventually lead to it. Once you’re in the United States with your green card, you can begin studying for your citizenship exam and start the application process. 

Access to Government Benefits

Even if you’re not an American citizen, you’ll have access to government benefits as a registered green card holder. This includes insurance, health benefits, student aid, and other benefits. 

Cons of Green Cards

While green cards are a great way to get into the United States, they aren’t without their disadvantages. 

Tax Implications 

The biggest issue that green card holders run into in the United States is related to taxes. The US is one of the only countries that taxes green card holders based on their worldwide income. You’re also required to disclose all of your assets, whether they’re in the United States or in a foreign country. 

You Might Lose Your Green Card

While green cards afford you permanent status as a legal immigrant, it’s possible to lose your green card. If you leave the country for too long, enter a false marriage, commit a crime, or do any other number of things, you may have your green card taken away and get deported. If you’re in this type of situation, you should contact an immigration lawyer immediately. 

Pros of Work Visas 

Work visas are given to thousands of people outside of the United States every year. They allow these people to enter the United States as a temporary resident for the purpose of doing a job. 

You Can Get a Job, Possibly the One of Your Dreams 

Work visas benefit individuals because it gives them the opportunity to find work in the United States. 

Those with Work Visas are Motivated to Work Hard 

If you’re an employer, hiring someone with a work visa means you’re hiring a highly motivated individual. They only get to stay in the country if they’re doing their job to your satisfaction. 

It’s a Fairly Simple Process

In comparison to other legal processes, work visas are fairly simple and straightforward. 

Cons of Work Visas

Work Visas are Expensive 

If you’re an employer hiring someone on a work visa, filing the petition can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $6,000. 

Legal Implications

There are also potential legal and tax ramifications for employers hiring someone on a work visa. 

Who to Call in El Paso if You’re Having Green Card or Work Visa Issues 

Whether you’re the holder of a green card or work visa or an employer having issues with an employee work visa, you should contact an immigration lawyer. Specifically, you should contact the immigration lawyers at Winterberg Law Firm. We specialize in everything having to do with immigration law, including green card and work visa issues. Schedule a consultation today by calling (915) 259-8179. 

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