Humanitarian Concerns Surrounding Immigration Policy and Law 

The number of detained unaccompanied migrant children is breaking records in 2021. This is just one of many challenges that the southern border is facing. Under the Biden Administration, the president has promised to bring about change but humanitarians and activists are calling this an immigration crisis considering how there has been a surge of

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Immigration law text on black book and judge gavel on US of America flag background. Migration, emigration visa in USA concept

4 Pieces of Immigration News You Should Know and How They Might Affect Immigration Policy

Debates over immigration policy have been happening since the colonies gained independence from Great Britain. Circumstances and population have greatly changed since then, but the conversation surrounding immigration often dominates political debate. Because of this, there are always reforms proposed or policy changes in motion when it comes to immigration law, restrictions, standards, etc. With

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US citizenship exam test and USA flag.

Preparing for the Citizenship Process and Civics Test 

The process of becoming a citizen can be a long road for many people. Obtaining citizenship is a great accomplishment and can change a person’s life forever. Depending on your particular situation, the time that it takes you to become a citizen might vary. It might depend on whether you were a resident first and

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Worker holds his helmet as he prepares to go to work.

Work Permits: Now and Then

If you know your U.S. history like the back of your hand, then it’s likely that you are familiar with The Bracero Program. The Bracero Program took effect in the states of California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oregon, where labor was needed the most. This was an especially controversial time in history, where people

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