Top 5 Ways an El Paso Immigration Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Deportation

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At Winterberg Law Firm, we believe that all efforts should be taken to keep families together in El Paso, Texas. We know the threat of deportation is a stressful experience, and it can be challenging to work through the legal hoops of becoming a United States citizen. You don’t have to go through this journey on your own. Our firm offers world-class inmigración familiar, adjustment of status, and citizenship services. And we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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What You Need to Know About Immigration 

One in six Texas residents is an immigrant, while many others have immigrant parents, with many of them naturalized U.S. citizens. The threat of being deported weighs heavily on most families, and understandably so. The best thing you can do is become educated on your decisions, work with a lawyer, and make sure you take the correct steps to prevent deportation. 

Some definitions of immigration may be confusing. Below, we’ve defined the more common terms to be familiar with:

  • Migrant: Someone who moves from one place to another but often stays temporarily 
  • Non-immigrant Visa: Those who have permanent residency outside of the U.S. but are authorized to be in the country temporarily 
  • Undocumented Immigrant: Someone who does not have the legal right to remain in the United States and is undocumented. 

A Closer Look at Deportation 

Deportation is when someone faces legal eviction as a foreigner from the country they are in. It most often occurs because of a violation of United States laws. Certain crimes are considered grounds for deportation. A “crime of moral turpitude” refers to moral crimes like abuse or theft.  

These crimes can include: 

  • Fraud
  • Larceny
  • Intent to harm
  • Shoplifting
  • Assault
  • Driving under the influence 
  • Aggravated felony

5 Options to Prevent Deportation

It’s important to know what you can do to prevent deportation. We’ve compiled a list of some options, but know that each case is different and should be customized based on your situation. Each of these options has additional legalities and qualifications to them that should be discussed with an immigration lawyer. 

  1. If you have conducted a crime considered moral turpitude, you may be able to defend against it if it is a “petty offense,” which refers to things like shoplifting, DUIs, or simple assaults. 
  2. Waiver programs or the 212 (h): There are also waiver programs that can help you apply for a green card as a defense against deportation. There is a 212 (h) waiver that you may qualify for if you are not a threat to national security and have never committed an aggravated felony. 
  3. Adjustment of status based on extreme hardship or battered spouses 
  4. If you qualify for asylum or fled due to fear of persecution 
  5. Prosecutorial discretion by the prosecutor, which may dismiss the case under certain conditions 

Immigration Lawyer in El Paso

Our law firm can provide you with legal support with deportation defense, family immigration issues, getting a green card through marriage, child adjustment of status, applying or getting waivers, and citizenship. There are many nuances and complex processes for deportation defense, but our firm has extensive experience and can help guide you through it. 

Winterberg Law Firm has payment plans to help you get the legal assistance you need. Having families stay together is a critical component of having healthy communities. We firmly believe that having a family immigration lawyer is an excellent option for covering all your immigration needs. 

Our team of professionals has the experience, compassion, and ability to prioritize what should be addressed first to avoid any possible legal issues. Contact us today by calling (915) 841-9777 to get started! 

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Victoria Winterberg

Ms. Winterberg’s law school experience began after joining the Law School Preparation Institute while being a student at the University of Texas at El Paso. She then attended law school at Washburn Univesity School of Law before formally beginning her career. 

Leveraging a unique cultural background and approach to law, Ms. Winterberg uses her expertise in immigration law to bring people together. She has extensive work in all areas of immigration law and has helped countless people win cases and thrive. Immigration-related cases often involve the most vulnerable in the community, and our firm is driven by our ability to protect our clients and their families with each and every case.